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Modeled after the American Kennel Club Star Puppy Program, our Puppy Training School is designed for Socialization and Confidence building with other puppies. It’s recommended starting time is at 10 weeks but no later than 18-20 weeks old depending on breed and size. A dog’s development changes from puppy to adolescent at 4.5 months.


Your pupper will learn to play with other little ones in non-threatening and controlled settings for better socialization!


When someone says a puppy is like a toddler, they're right...and puppies have more teeth! We'll share best practices on puppy-proofing your home.


When a dog is "bitey" it strains trust and can put your furry companion in danger of action by local authorities. Don't risk it!


Your little furry family member will get a proper nutrition plan so they can stay healthy and live a long, full life!


From dental care to nail trimming and brushing/furminating, your pup needs to get accustomed to grooming!


Whether you're selling your home or just want to keep things nice, animal accidents are a bad first impression to guests!


Scheduling a free evaluation with ACDT is the first step towards tackling any behavioral problems you may be experiencing with your dog, as we can help turn your dog into a well-behaved member of the family. The second step is to begin a basic obedience dog training program that is designed to initiate and reinforce correct behavior.

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A free preliminary evaluation will enable our experienced staff to capture all relevant information about your dog and your home environment. Once we understand the underlying issues with your dog’s behavior, we can establish a basic obedience plan that is designed to help your dog begin the process towards good behavior.

We have observed over and over again the great pleasure our clients derive from seeing how our classes lead to a dog that is well-behaved in all surroundings. It will become a joy rather than a burden to walk your dog or participate in other outdoor activities. You will no longer have to be afraid that your dog might run off after something or jump on a stranger.


Image by Andrew Schultz

We recommend our puppy school class to develop a solid foundational structure and to make your little furry companion grow into a well-behaved and well-trained best friend!


  • Meet and greet

  • Puppy behavior and training your puppy

  • Socialization and its importance

  • Grooming, dental care, and nail Trimming

  • Puppy proofing your home

  • First Aid and emergency care

  • Veterinary exams and vaccines

  • Diet and nutrition

  • Review of all issues and graduation

Primary Benefits for puppy School:

  • Develop canine social skills while playing with other puppies in a non-threatening and controlled setting. Shy and fearful pups quickly gain confidence and bullies learn to tone it down and be gentle.

  • Play sessions for pups ensure that later on as adult dogs they would much rather play than fight or take flight.

  • Our puppy school will provide your puppy with the very best opportunity to fully understand bite inhibition and how to control it.

  • Puppy school graduates will be confident and be able to be more easily rehabilitated if any behavioral issues arise

  • Graduates of our puppy school are not easily spooked by weather situations or other sudden loud noises

  • People-friendliness: training a dog to be people-friendly and especially to enjoy the company of his/her immediate human family is the most important item in your puppy’s education. ACDT ensures that all graduates of our puppy school will be safe and friendly.


  • All dogs must be up-to-date with vaccinations. Medical clearance from a veterinarian with a negative fecal exam is required upon registration.

  • Kennel Cough and Bordetella vaccine is required.

  • Dogs do not have to be spayed or neutered to train with us, but females in heat are accepted only for private training or board and train.

  • Dogs must be in good health and be treated for external parasites with Frontline or similar product from April through the end of October.

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